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Horse Riding School

Our horse riding school caters for all ages, from  beginner to intermediate level riders. You will learn how to care for a horse and how to safely be around them and ride (and stop!) them and how to respect your equine partner.

Outrides, Safari's & Picnics

Sunrise (or any time), sometimes even moonlit night time outrides. We have various horses available suitable for any skill level. Picnics and safari’s are arranged on request. Contact us for more information. 


Our 65 x 35m arena is well suited for barrel racing and western mounted games practice. We also have a fun obstacle course set up. Our sturdy training ring is used for beginner riders and to school horses. Contact us for bookings and more info. We also host and plan equine related events an kids pony painting parties.

What we do for you


Appreciating your horse

Horses are smart, intutive, majestic creatures. They identify with their owners/riders. More often than not they are great comforters and seem to understand us on an emotional level. For these and many other reasons they need to be appreciated. 


Taking care of horses

Learning how to take care of a horse  helps to teach kids responsibility. They will learn how to groom and check their horse’s feet, give them snacks, etc. Taking care of someone who needs and depends on you, is one of the greatest lessons you can ever learn. It also builds the realtionship beteween your equine partner.   


Bonding with your equine partner

By learning how to “speak horse” you will  find it easier to bond with your equine partner and have a friend for life. 


TAC education

Riders will learn about different saddles, bridles, etc. You will learn how to tac up a horse and get him ready for your ride. You will also learn how to take care of him after your ride. 


Safety around horses

A healthy respect for the size and power of a horse, even smaller ponies is imeprative. Riders will learn all about safety around horses.


Posture & riding basics

Posture whilst riding is an important part of riding basics. It will help to improve your balance, stamina and all round physical fitness. 

benefits of horseback riding

Horseback riding has many great benefits like improving coordination and balance. It also helps to develop confidence and a sense of freedom. It impacts the rider both physically and emotionally. Riding works important core muscles like abs, back, pelvis and thighs. These stabilise the torso and fortiefies coordination, stability, balance and flexibility.


Other packages or family deals, based on our riders’ needs, are available on request. Please get in touch with us for more info of pop in to meet us and our horses!

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy horse riding lessons… and have you seen someone sad on a horse? Didn’t think so!”

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